• They're good for you!

    Products developed only with 100% organic foods, to satisfy the most common needs. Each of the ranges presents concrete and easy-to-understand benefits.

  • They taste good!

    We don't forget the flavor! Föld products are the perfect combination of high nutritional value and a very pleasant flavor. Believe us: you won't be done with just the first package!

  • And they are uncomplicated!

    No major complications! Föld products are very easy to integrate into your daily routine and adapt to all occasions. Add to yogurts, smoothies, salads, cakes and more!

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Available in pharmacies!

Föld is a Portuguese brand developed by pharmacists and nutritionists. Available on the Föld website and in Portuguese pharmacies.

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The push I needed.

It's not always easy to eat healthy every day. Adding Föld to your meals can make all the difference. Eating well is now fun!

Try it!

Easy to understand, easy to consume.

Say goodbye to complicated products. Each Föld range corresponds to a simple benefit and we only include ingredients that taste good. No more ugly faces!

Okay, you convinced me!

Those who have tried say...

Föld Zen Hemp & Maca

I'm loving it! My intestine is always sensitive and is knowing for the life of me. I became a fan. 💗🙏

Mara B.
Föld Imuno Baobab & Lucuma

I started taking it at the end of my Covid-19, to help me recover. It has such a mild flavor that it makes a great addition to everything! I feel like it “strengthened” me.

Teresa P.
Föld Vital Hemp

The seeds are of very good quality and taste so good! I'm putting it in yogurt and everywhere.

Daniel C.
Föld Energy Snack

I really like the snack. It's not dry or salty and you can eat it at any time of the day when you're feeling hungry!

Martha M.
Föld Zen Hemp & Maca

I've already tried it! I added it to a pineapple and strawberry smoothie and thought it was great!

Ana C.
Föld Imuno Baobab & Lucuma

The flavor couldn't be better! It gives an incredible texture and flavor to yogurt, and I've also tried it in a banana smoothie. I'm addicted!

Joana D.
Föld Vital Stretcher

After a week of taking it daily, I feel more mentally energetic and my training has been more productive. I'm really enjoying it!

Miguel N.
Föld Zen Hemp & Maca

A delight!

I thought it would taste like the ones I usually buy, which would be bitter. But not! You know very well. ❤️

Mariana X.
Föld Energy Oats & Maca

TOP! I loved! Mega convinced!

Adriana F.
Föld Cardio Seeds & Lucuma

It's already part of my daily routine, every day 3 (or 4!) spoons for breakfast or with a smoothie or yogurt!

Maria da Conceição A.
Föld Energy Oats & Maca

It's so good you want to eat it with a spoon! Not being a person who takes excessive care with my diet, I feel more resistant in moments when I think that 'it should be over by now'!

Teresa P.
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