Föld Points

Have you completed Trainings and Challenges? It's time to convert your Föld Points into offers!

  • Fold Tote Bag

    1086 Föld Points

  • Föld Vital Hemp

    2530 Föld Points

  • Föld Immuno

    3905 Föld Points

  • Föld Fit Spirulina

    5173 Föld Points

  • Föld Energy Snack

    2584 Föld Points

  • Föld Cardio

    3906 Föld Points

  • Föld Vital Stretcher

    2892 Föld Points

  • Föld Energy Oats & Maca

    2530 Föld Points

  • Föld Zen

    3435 Föld Points

Do you know how many Föld Points you have?

We periodically send information regarding the number of points accumulated by each 'Academia Föld' user. However, you can find out how many Föld Points you have at any time: just contact us at info@foldsuperfoods.com

Only pharmacists registered with the Academy will be able to accumulate Föld Points.

Registration at the 'Föld Academy'

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