More sports performance?

Endure an entire game of tennis, run that extra kilometer or do ten more lanes in the pool. Each one has their own goals, but the same feeling when we reach them. Föld gives you the push you need!

Two Föld products that you can’t lose sight of! Vital Maca to increase your performance and Energy Snack for a pre-workout energy boost.

  • A successful duo!

    • Increase physical resistance and slow release of energy throughout the day with our Maca

    • Pre-workout energy and mineral boost with our Snack

    • Maca for breakfast or snack and Snack just before training

  • Föld Vital Stretcher

    • Its use dates back to the Inca empire. Inca warriors ate maca before battles to increase their energy, vitality and endurance

    • Because it contains long-chain carbohydrates, it is an adaptogenic food, meaning it releases energy throughout the day.

    • Rich in alkaloids, prostaglandins and plant sterols

    • 15% of the daily dose of protein

  • Föld Energy Snack

    • 71% of the daily dose of copper, 47% of phosphorus, 36% of magnesium and 19% of iron and manganese

    • Unsaturated fatty acids, excellent for the health of the cardiovascular system

    • Antioxidants and amino acids

    • Vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant and is also beneficial for the cardiovascular system

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Maca for breakfast or snack and Snack before training!

A winning duo to help you achieve more in your training or in your sport of choice. Mix Maca with yogurt, smoothies or other recipes. You can eat the Snack as is, on the way to your workout!

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