Do you need help gaining muscle mass?

Proper nutrition is a great ally for anyone trying to gain muscle mass. Föld helps you have a diet rich in protein and other essential nutrients for muscle regeneration after physical exercise.

Two products with great benefits in terms of muscle regeneration!

  • Hemp's unique proteins

    • 32g of protein for every 100g of seeds. High quality protein, easily digestible and assimilable

    • With all the essential amino acids, especially arginine (which increases blood flow and physical performance)

    • Great source of omegas 6, 3 and 9, with a perfect ratio for human consumption of omega-6 and omega-3 (3:1)

    • Both proteins and omegas are essential for anyone who wants to increase muscle mass

  • Spirulina, a natural supplement

    • Very high concentration of proteins (64%), with all essential amino acids

    • Protein intake with very low calorie consumption

    • Rich in chlorophyll, which gives it draining and detoxifying properties that help you lose fat mass

    • Excellent source of copper, potassium, iron and calcium

  • Two excellent options

    • Two alternative products extremely rich in plant-based proteins and other essential nutrients for those who want to gain muscle mass

    • They contribute to greater muscle regeneration after exercise, while nourishing your body for other essential functions

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Hemp to add to everything and Spirulina to drink!

Our Vital Hemp can be added to everything from yogurt to soups! Föld Fit Spirulina has a practical presentation in tablets, with all the benefits!

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