Do you want to improve your heart health?

A healthy heart is essential for a long, quality life. It is possible to take care of the cardiovascular system with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. And some nutrients are especially beneficial. Where are? Right here!

Föld Cardio is good for the heart and the entire cardiovascular system. And the Föld Snack too!

  • Have you ever heard of nitric oxide?

    • High concentration of carotenoids and vitamin C, which promote the formation of nitric oxide

    • Nitric oxide increases the relaxation of blood vessels, promoting a decrease in blood pressure

    • Flavonoids, present in cocoa, also promote the elasticity of blood vessels and promote healthy blood circulation.

  • Nutrients that make a difference

    • Formula with super seeds, high in unsaturated fats, which contribute to normal cholesterol and blood pressure levels and with anti-inflammatory properties

    • Rich in copper and phosphorus, minerals that contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue

    • Source of selenium and vitamin E, which help protect cells from unwanted oxidation

  • Heart's friend

    • Ideal to help prevent or correct cardiovascular problems and diabetes

    • Suitable for people of all ages

    • Excellent for people over 60 who want energy to continue an active lifestyle

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Good for the heart, and good for the taste!

Föld Cardio can be mixed with yogurt, smoothies, milk, plant-based drinks or used in recipes. Our Energy Snack can be consumed as is or can also be mixed with other foods.

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