Do you need more intellectual performance?

Whether at work, school or university, sometimes we need extra care to have more intellectual performance. Studying for an exam or writing a super complicated report. Föld has put together ingredients that will help you give your brain a boost!

Reach your best level of reasoning with Föld Zen!

  • More performance at work or school

    • Föld Zen is ideal for people with very mentally demanding professional activities

    • It is also excellent for students of all ages, as it has a beneficial effect on learning, attention and memory skills.

    • It combines these benefits with a positive impact on reducing stress and anxiety, helping to achieve greater mental clarity

    • With maca, linseed and hemp seeds and cocoa, all powdered and of certified organic origin

  • Fatty acids play a crucial role!

    • The essential fatty acids provided by flaxseed and hemp seeds (namely omega-6 and omega-3)

    • These have a fundamental role in the body, associated with the proper functioning of the nervous system and improved learning, intellectual performance and vision.

  • More nutrients that will make a difference

    • Excellent source of tryptophan, an amino acid that helps the production of serotonin and melatonin (which regulate functions such as mood, sleep, heartbeat and minimize irritability, anxiety and depression)

    • Long-chain carbohydrates, provided by maca, give you energy and vitality for the whole day

    • Rich in phosphorus, copper and magnesium, which contribute to the normal functioning of the nervous system and normal cognitive and psychological performance

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More reasoning, more flavor!

Föld Zen's powder form and incredible flavor make it highly versatile. Mix with yogurts, smoothies, desserts, cakes, milk or vegetable drinks!

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