No ideas for snacks and breakfasts?

It's not always easy to have healthy routines for snacks and breakfasts, due to lack of time or ideas. What if there was an easy product to integrate into these meals that brought healthy energy and essential nutrients, with an incredible flavor?

With Föld Energy Oats & Maca you are already 'half way' towards preparing healthy snacks and breakfasts.

  • Ingredients that are good for you

    • Organic whole oat flakes

    • Organic maca powder

    • Organic cocoa nuggets

    • Organic granulated coconut sugar

    • Organic powdered ginger

  • Healthy energy and more

    • Healthier long-chain carbohydrates and fiber

    • Healthy energy and satiety

    • Controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels

    • Great source of avenatramide, which fights free radicals and helps regulate blood pressure

    • Essential vitamins and minerals

    • With coconut sugar, which contains vitamins from complex B and C, minerals and 16 amino acids

  • A new daily habit

    • Ideal to complement breakfasts or snacks and increase the consumption of healthier carbohydrates and other essential nutrients

    • It has a pleasant cocoa flavor, sweetened by coconut sugar and a touch of ginger.

    • For those who have an active lifestyle

    • For all the family!

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The basis of a healthy light meal!

You can mix it with yogurt, add it to a smoothie or mix it with milk or a vegetable drink! You can also use it in recipes for healthy pancakes, cakes or cookies.

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