An energy boost 'ready to sow'?

We often run out of energy mid-morning or afternoon, and don't have anything healthy on hand. Don't let this happen to you again, Föld has the solution!

Föld Energy Snack was designed so you can take healthy energy anywhere!

  • Ingredients for snacking

    • Organic pumpkin seeds

    • Organic sunflower seeds

    • Organic cashews

    • Organic cocoa nuggets

    • To snack as is or to mix with other foods or recipes

  • Healthy energy and more

    • Unsaturated fatty acids, excellent for the health of the cardiovascular system

    • 71% of the daily dose of copper, 47% of phosphorus, 36% of magnesium and 19% of iron and manganese

    • Vitamin E, which acts as an antioxidant and is also beneficial for the cardiovascular system

    • Antioxidants and amino acids

  • A friend who goes everywhere!

    • Designed to take with you, so you never lack energy

    • A good way to avoid less healthy snacks

    • To take to work or school. For all ages

    • Good for pre-workout

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To snack anywhere, anytime!

Our Föld Energy Snack was made for snacking as is. But it is also excellent for adding to yogurt, smoothies or various types of recipes. Whole seeds and cashews, and cocoa nuggets. The imagination is the limit!

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