Do you need a little help with your diet?

There are no miracle solutions for weight loss. The path goes through a healthy lifestyle and adequate nutrition. And there are some specific nutrients that can help you a lot with this goal! Do you know what they are?

The power of Föld Fit Organic Spirulina to support your diet!

  • Support for your diet!

    • Satiety enhanced by the great richness in fiber, proteins and chlorophyll

    • It can contribute to increased metabolism, increased muscle mass and regulation of 'sudden appetites'

  • High detoxifying capacity

    • High concentration of chlorophyll, a powerful detoxifier and purifier of the body

    • Excellent source of phycocyanin, a protein pigment with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action

    • Source of vitamins and antioxidants: vitamin B2, vitamin K, vitamin D, niacin, thiamine and phycocyanin

  • A special food!

    • The fantastic nutritional properties of Spirulina have motivated several scientific studies into its benefits.

    • It is believed to have an impact on reducing cholesterol, regulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

    • It also contributes to an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, reflected in various aspects of our health

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Easy to take, no sacrifices!

Föld Fit Spirulina comes in the form of practical tablets. We recommend taking 6 tablets per day, spread over the three main meals. Each package lasts 2 months.

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