Que influência a alimentação pode ter nos níveis de Ansiedade?

What influence can food have on Anxiety levels?

It is important to understand the impact of food on the functioning of our body, as there is clearly a direct relationship between our emotions and what we consume.

Therefore, anxiety is no exception. At a time when we feel more anxiety, it is necessary to favor the consumption of unprocessed foods without additives, that is, real, local and organic foods. These are richer in nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, providing a better mood, tranquility and better disposition.

According to these characteristics, foods such as:

- Pumpkin seeds: help improve sleep quality, while being linked to the improvement of various processes in the nervous system;

- Yogurt: its consumption triggers positive effects on the brain, automatically helping to reduce anxiety and increase the feeling of well-being;

- Chamomile: with already known calming properties, therefore capable of controlling some symptoms of anxiety;

- Cocoa: very rich in flavonoids, which promote the production of serotonin, and which in turn has components that help with anxiety.

In addition to these specific foods, eating legumes, vegetables and cereals also helps control anxiety. Also Practicing physical exercise, paying attention to the necessary hours of sleep and controlling good breathing have positive effects.

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