Porque andas tão cansad@?

Why are you so tired?

Starting the day with energy often starts the day before with our sleep routine. But this may not explain everything why we feel tired, often for no apparent reason.

Here are 20 reasons that could justify your tiredness:

1. Sleeping less than 7 hours a night frequently. Our body needs a minimum of time to reorganize and recover from the activities we do during the day. These sleep restrictions can lead to complaints of tiredness and daytime sleepiness.

2. Drink little water - Even mild dehydration takes a toll on energy levels. Drinking water is essential.

3. Skipping breakfast: Our body needs energy replenishment when we wake up; Leaving the house with breakfast is essential.

4. Irregular sleep routine: Sleeping and waking up at consistent times helps regulate your biological clock, providing more consistent and effective sleep.

5. Going to bed late on the weekend: Don't be tempted to sleep more on the weekend to make up for the hours you didn't sleep during the week. Drastic changes in sleep patterns over the weekend can affect your sleep quality the following week.

6. Being exposed to a screen before bed: Exposure to light from electronic devices can affect sleep. Avoid them before bed.

7. Fast food: Processed food quickly increases blood sugar levels, but then they quickly drop, causing fatigue.

8. Some diseases such as hypothyroidism, epilepsy, infections or depression can influence our sleep and, therefore, our tiredness.

9. Not knowing how to say “no”. Always pleasing others and saying yes to everything to satisfy them will drain your energy and happiness and can even make you irritable and resentful.

10. Work is work, cognac is cognac. In other words, when we are working we are working, but if we are on vacation we should not take work to do. Avoid checking work emails and messages on vacation. Your brain needs to rest and your body needs to relax.

11. Be organized and have a tidy workspace. There are those who say that they only like to work in the middle of chaos and that they know where everything is even in the chaos of a desk full of papers. But a disorganized workplace limits concentration and therefore requires more intellectual effort.

12. Drinking alcohol before bed can affect sleep, causing awakenings in the middle of the night.

13. Taking certain medications: Some medications can have side effects that affect sleep and daytime energy. Consult your doctor if you suspect that your medications may be contributing to these symptoms.

14. Lack of iron. A lack of iron can lead to your blood supplying less oxygen to your body's cells. Some symptoms of a lack of iron include irritation, physical tiredness, lack of concentration and slower movement.

15. Poor nutrition: A diet low in essential nutrients can affect your energy level and brain function. Make sure your diet has all the nutrients you need for your daily activities.

16. Not having physical activity. It seems counterintuitive. So if I feel tired is it because I don't move? That's right! Regular physical activity is related to better sleep quality and improved mood and creativity.

17. Anxiety and stress: Worries and anxieties can impair your sleep quality and negatively impact your mood and energy levels during the day.

18. Be a perfectionist. Having everything beautiful to the millimeter is exhausting and can be frustrating. Don't be too demanding of yourself.

19. Drinking too much coffee or drinking coffee too late. Coffee is a stimulating drink, as are teas with a lot of theine (for example black tea). These drinks can have an impact on sleep and consequently lead to increased tiredness.

20. Have a restless sleep. Sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, or periodic leg movements can negatively affect rest.
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