Como ter uma libido saudável

How to have a healthy libido

When we talk about libido, we talk about sexual appetite. This can be influenced by physical or emotional factors, resulting in an increase or decrease in sexual desire.

In males, the hormones that control libido are testosterone and in females, estrogen, with women experiencing an increase in libido during their fertile period and a decrease during menopause, periods of tension, tiredness, among others.

It is natural for women to experience more variations in their sexual desire, and each woman is the same! The menstrual cycle, as it has a set of hormonal changes, impacts several aspects of day-to-day life, including libido.

Several factors can lead to a lack of libido, such as stress, anxiety, relationship problems and the use of medication, which is why it is important to identify the causes to find “solutions” to increase sexual desire.

Main causes of lack of libido

These hormonal changes can be caused by everyday situations, which can be short or long term. Some of the main causes are:

  1. Use of medication , such as birth control pills, anxiolytics or antidepressants. These medications, by causing a hormonal change, can also interfere with the nervous system, consequently with sexual desire.
  2. Psychological changes and emotional traumas , such as anxiety, stress, depression or personal problems, which, when interfering with mood, also cause a temporary decrease in libido.
  3. Menopause , in addition to the most frequent symptoms such as hot flashes, sweating and tiredness, sexual hormonal changes will cause a decrease in libido.
  4. Sexual impotence , such as difficulty having and/or maintaining an erection, can decrease sexual appetite.
  5. Pain during sexual intercourse can cause discomfort during pleasure, reducing interest.
  6. Neurological diseases, diabetes, heart problems, obesity can affect libido.
  7. An unbalanced diet , that is, an excessive consumption of, for example, sweets, dairy products, alcohol, soft drinks, among others, can affect sexual performance and libido.

Don't be discouraged! As we have already mentioned, once the cause has been identified, there are several steps that can help improve your sexual health.

How can I increase libido?

We always recommend consulting a doctor to identify the cause and recommend the most appropriate treatments.

  • Practicing physical exercise regularly improves not only your physical fitness, but also your mood and self-esteem. Furthermore, the body releases hormones that give energy, pleasure and well-being. There are also exercises that increase testosterone such as weight training, crossfit or high intensity exercise (HIIT).
  • A balanced and aphrodisiac diet can promote the production of hormones and improve blood circulation. You can include in your diet: saffron, pepper, ginger, ginseng, chocolate, avocado, nuts and pumpkin seeds, fatty fish, among others.
  • Look for Peruvian maca , which many people use to increase fertility and sexual appetite, as well as to improve stamina and stamina. You can find maca in our products: Föld Vital Maca , Föld Zen Hemp & Maca and in Föld Energy Oats & Maca .
  • Getting out of your routine and dedicating yourself more to your partner can help! Spend more time together, try new things, make your partner feel valued and happy.
  • Sun exposure ( at the right times) can also contribute. Not only does it increase the absorption of vitamin D, it also increases hormone production, and consequently sexual desire.

Do you want to contribute to having a healthy level of libido and sexual appetite?

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