Como lidar com o Stress

How to deal with Stress

Stress has increasingly negative effects on the health and well-being of all of us, and is a problem that has been increasing in recent years. With the rush of everyday life, excess information, heavy traffic and unavoidable commitments, stress becomes increasingly present in our routine and therefore it is very important to reduce its levels.

By reducing stress, your health and well-being automatically improve and life becomes simpler. Although, at first, it may seem impossible to do so, there are small tips and habits that make it easier to reduce stress.

For example, practicing physical activity is very important, as it contributes to a feeling of well-being and release of energy.

It is clear that any physical activity is appropriate and helps to reduce stress as long as you enjoy what you are doing. However, we recommend some activities that may be more suitable for this specific purpose, such as swimming, which contributes to total relaxation, Yoga (which allows its practitioners to focus on emotional balance) and also Pilates.

In addition to these modalities, also try stretching at least once a day. Stretching proves to be a very efficient stress relief strategy, providing physical and mental relaxation.

Also avoid (or try to reduce) consumption of coffee, alcohol and tobacco, as all of these are stimulants for stress levels. Choose tea (without caffeine), water or fruit juices.

Sleep more and listen to your body. Having low sleep levels leads to increased stress and anxiety. Take a hot bath before going to sleep, read a little and take a few minutes for yourself and your body. And no cell phones or social media before going to sleep. You will notice that the quality of your sleep will increase significantly and, as a result, your mood and well-being will also improve.

Get an agenda, or better said, learn to manage your time better. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed simply due to a lack of organization. Make lists, create a schedule and plan reminders, so that everything is organized without any kind of stress.

These are small tips and habits that can change your life. A stress-free routine provides better experiences and better performance, both professional and personal. It's important to put yourself first and not try to reach out to everything and everyone at the same time. Remember that there is time for everything.

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