Açúcar no café, sim ou não?

Sugar in coffee, yes or no?

Coffee is a quick drink that is part of the daily lives of many Portuguese people, whether in the morning when waking up, after lunch or in the afternoon to relax.

Accompanied by this hot drink comes sugar. There are Portuguese people who only drink 1 coffee a day, but there are also those who drink 6. Have you ever wondered what 6 packets of sugar a day are? And after a month? Do the calculations and you will understand why this call for attention.

Sugar can actually provide more flavor to the drink and sometimes make it easier to adapt to the bitter taste of coffee, but it can also be quite harmful to your health.

If your coffees are accompanied by sugar, continue reading this article to find out more about the subject and you may eventually want to change this habit.

Starting with the answer. A big, round 'No'. It is not recommended to drink coffee with sugar. Excess sugar can have a variety of consequences for your body, such as:

- Obesity

- Diabetes

- Circulatory problems

- Excess glucose

- High cholesterol

- Constipation

- Acne

- Cavities

- Gastritis

Among many others.

For these reasons, and others, sugar intake should be avoided whenever possible and therefore, drinking coffee without sugar will drastically reduce your intake.

Furthermore, it is often said that anyone who drinks coffee with sugar is not a true connoisseur of it. Despite being a bit fundamentalist, it is a statement that has a point of truth, as sugar causes the natural flavor of coffee to be lost. Therefore, if you drink coffee in its natural state, the properties of the coffee will be preserved and you will be offered a unique sensorial journey in each cup.

If you drink this drink with sugar, we suggest that you begin a gradual weaning process, little by little, starting by eliminating the sugar from one of your daily coffees, later moving on to two, three, and so on. You will notice that it is a process of disengagement and when you get there and drink coffee with sugar again after a while, you will not appreciate the taste.

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