Brownies de Cacau & Cânhamo

Cocoa & Hemp Brownies

A simple recipe in every way, with few ingredients, without the need for cooking or long refrigeration. Today's recipe is healthy brownies, with no added sugar or fat.

You will need:

- 500g pitted dates or date paste

- 200g peanut butter

- 100g of Föld Vital Hemp seeds

- 4 tablespoons of cocoa powder

- Lemon zest

Step by step:

- Place the dates in a crusher or food processor, along with the peanut butter and cocoa powder;

- Mix until creating a homogeneous solution;

- Then add the Föld Vital Hemp and lemon zest;

- Mix again until all ingredients are incorporated;

- Place the mixture in a container lined with parchment paper, while smoothing the surface;

- Refrigerate for just 1 hour to solidify;

- Cut into several squares;

Done! A healthy and tasty dessert, snack or breakfast for several days.

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